What is Resin Bound Surfacing? (Also known as resin paving, resin driveway, resin gravel)

A combination of natural stones and specialised U.V. stable resins bound together to create a solid surface typically 15mm to 18mm thick depending on aggregate size. It is an overlay system, and is suitable for applying to existing surfaces of tarmac and concrete, therefore there is no need to remove your current surface, as the product is bonded directly on to your current drive or patio.

Where can it be used?

On existing driveways and patios to overlay existing, dull or damaged concrete drives, worn tarmac drives and paved patio areas.(Subject to survey)

Where can’t it be laid?

Over an existing natural stone driveway, a part completed driveway of hard core, or block paving driveways. The resin surface requires a solid base to support it, so if you have no solid surface, a tarmac or concrete base will be necessary for your new driveway.

What is the difference between resin bonded driveways and resin bound driveways?

Resin bonded gravel is a system whereby a cold resin is applied to the surface and aggregate is thrown onto the area, with any loose material having to be removed. This produces a rough textured surface of a single stone depth (as per the coloured sections becoming more prevalent on our highways)

A resin bound gravel system encapsulates all the stones in a resin this is then trowel finished on to the surface at a depth of 15 to 18mm producing a smooth finish.

As a resin bound stone surface is permeable and is SUDS compliant when used with a permeable base.

How does it compare in cost to alternatives?

Tarmac driveway – if you wish to resurface with a new layer of tarmac, it is generally cheaper than a resin surface but not always so ask for a free quotation a resin surface is much more decorative and may not be as expensive as you think.

Paving driveways – if you have an existing surface that needs to be removed before laying paving, then we are generally a cheaper alternative to a brick driveway without all that disruption and all those weeds that seem to appear after a year or two.

Concrete imprint pattern driveways - if you have an existing surface that needs to be removed before laying imprinted concrete, then we are generally a cheaper alternative without the need for re-sealing to maintain the surface colour. Our product takes its colouration from the chosen natural stone.